2. Gateway of Area Studies in Japan

Gateway of Area Studies in Japan

 Through the Japan Consortium for Area Studies (JCAS) and its activities as a joint usage / research center, CIAS plays the role of gateway to area studies in Japan.

【Japan Consortium for Area Studies (JCAS)】

 JCAS is an academic community for area studies based on a completely new form of organizational cooperation. Consisting of educational and research organizations, such as universities and research institutes that are engaged in international area studies, academic societies, and private organizations closely involved in area studies, JCAS promotes information exchange and research activities that go beyond the framework of organizations. It was founded in 2004; as of the end of December 2014, it has 97 member organizations.

 JCAS undertakes a variety of activities based on five mottos: 1) design area studies, 2) go beyond the boundary of disciplines, 3) expand the network, 4) connect with civil society, and 5) establish the information infrastructure. Examples include supporting the next generation of area studies researchers through the implementation of project recruitment programs, facilitating joint research planning among member organizations, promoting collaborations between academic societies in different disciplines, and offering on-demand seminars.

 The JCAS annual meeting, in addition to being a forum for reporting on various JCAS activities, has become a venue for member organizations to showcase their capabilities and establish networks, through which joint studies that go beyond the boundary of their organizations could be launched. Winners of the JCAS Awards (the research project, research planning, budding project, and social collaboration awards) are announced and awarded at the annual meeting as well.

 Since the establishment of JCAS, CIAS has assumed its administrative function: managing various project recruitment programs related to area studies, editing the JCAS Review, and taking initiatives in such areas as public relations and information infrastructure development. Visit the JCAS website at http://www.jcas.jp.