2. CIAS Publications

CIAS Publications

【Frontiers of Area Studies】

 The purpose of this publication series is to call for outstanding research results in Japan and abroad, have them screened and reviewed by the editorial committee of experts outside of academics, and then release them as commercial publications from Kyoto University Press. The publication is considered part of the activities of CIAS as a joint usage / research center. In particular, we aim to share studies that compare areas and focus on their relationships as well as information related to area studies. Further, we publish promising research results with an eye to breaking new ground for area studies, such as area informatics, as we seek to become an international information channel that explores the frontier of area studies.

 Noboru Ishikawa (ed.). Flows and Movements in Southeast Asia New Approaches to Transnationalism. Kyoto University Press. 2011-12.
Yusuke Murakami, Hiroyuki Yamamoto & Hiromi Komori (eds.). Enduring States: In the Face of Challenges from Within and Without, Kyoto University Press, 2011-3.
Ken-ichi Abe & James E. Nickum (eds.). Good Earths: Regional and Historical Insights into China’s Environment. Kyoto University Press, 2009-2.

【Monographs and Edited Volumes】

We publish the findings of area studies in various languages

Wil de Jong, Denyse Snelder & Noboru Ishikawa (eds.).
Transborder governance of forests, rivers and trees. Earthscan London. 2010.
David Lim & Yamamoto Hiroyuki (eds.). Film in Contemporar y Southeast Asia: Cultural Interpretation and Social Intervention. Routledge. 2011.
Yukio Hayashi. พุทธศาสนาเช ิงปฏ ิบัต ิของคนไทยอ ีสาน: ศาสนาในความเป ็น ภ ูม ิภาค (PRATICAL BUDDHISM AMONG THE THA). Bangkok: Chulalongkorn University Press, 478p. 2011-9.
Yamamoto Hiroyuki, Anthony Milner, Kawashima Midori & Arai Kazuhiro (eds.). Bangsa and Umma: Development of People-Grouping Concepts in Islamized Southeast Asia. Kyoto University Press. 2011.
Yusuke Murakami (ed.). Perú en la era del Chino: la política no institucionalizada y el pueblo en busca de un Salvador. 2ª. edición, Ideología y política 27, Lima: Instituto de Estudios Peruanos y Center for Integrated Area Studies, Kyoto University, 698p. (1ª. edición, 2007, 715p). 2012.

Yusuke Murakami. Dinámica político-económica de los países andinos. América problema 34, Lima: Instituto de Estudios Peruanos y Center for Integrated Area Stuidies, Kyoto University, 390p. 2012.
Wil de Jong Sociedad bosquesina Tomo I. Tarea Asociacion Grafica Educativa. 292p. 2012-3.
Wil de Jong Sociedad bosquesina Tomo II. Tarea Asociacion Grafica Educativa. 380p. 2012-3.
貴志俊彦 (Toshihiko Kishi),土屋由香 (Yuka Tsuchiya),林鴻亦 (Lin Hungyi)(eds.). 美國在亞洲的文化冷戰 (The U.S.A.'s Cultural Cold War in Asia). 稲郷出版社, Taiwan. 2012-6.
(Toshihiko Kishi), (Yuka Tsuchiya) (eds.), (Ryeosil Kim)(trans.). (De-Centering the Cultural Cold War : The U.S. and Asia). Seoul. 2012-6.
Yusuke Murakami (ed.). América Latina en la era posneoliberal: democracia, conflictos y desigualdad. América problema 37, Lima: Instituto de Estudios Peruanos y Center for Integrated Area Stuidies, Kyoto University, 246p. 2013.
Yusuke Murakami (ed.). La actualidad política de los países andonos centrales en el gobierno de izquierda. América problema 39, Lima: Instituto de Estudios Peruanos y Center for Integrated Area Stuidies, Kyoto University, 125p. 2014.

【CIAS Discussion Papers】

 These discussion papers are published to ensure the quick release of research results by CIAS faculty members and researchers as well as those from joint studies. In addition to papers, we release a variety of research results, such as research reports, reference materials, annotated bibliographies, and records on workshops and symposia under the responsibility of the CIAS faculty overseeing the author (editor).

  • No.43 Yumio Sakurai, Nguyen Thi Phuong Anh & Masayuki Yanagisawa (eds.).
    Lịch Sử Hình Thành Cư Dân Đô Thị Hà Nội. 2014-3.
  • No.41 The Transport Equipment Sector Melba Falck Reyes.
    The Role of Japanese Foreign Direct Investment in Production Networks in Mexico and Thailand. 2014-3.
  • No.28 Ryuichi Tanigawa (ed.).
    Manga Comics Museums in Japan Cultural Sharing and Local Communities. 2013-1.
  • No.24 Kazuyo Minamide & Fumiko Oshikawa.
    Right to Education in South Asia: Its Implementation and New Approaches. 2012-3.
  • No.20 Wil de Jong & Gerardo Mery (ed.).
    Desafíos de los bosques amazónicos y oportunidades para el manejo forestal comunitario. 2011-10.
  • No.16 Fumiko Oshikawa (ed.).
    Disparities in the globalized world: reality, perception and movements. 2010-3.
  • No.14 Anne Androuais.
    Des expériences transfrontalières à la formation d ’une Communauté Economique en Asie le rôle des investissements directs extérieurs japonais. 2010-3.
  • No.8 Wil de Jong (ed.).
    Forest Policies for a Sustainable Humanosphere. 2009-3.
  • No.5 Yusuke Murakami (ed.).
    Tendencias Políticas Actuales en Los Países Andinos.2008-3.
  • No.4 Wil de Jong (ed.).
    Transborder Environmental and Natural Resource Management. 2008-3.
  • No.3 Omar Farouk, Hiroyuki Yamamoto (ed.).
    Islam at the Margins: The Muslims of Indochina. 2008-3.
  • No.2 Yusuke Murakami (ed.).
    Después del Consenso de Washington: dinámica de cambios político-económicos y administración de recursos naturales en los países andinos. 2007-3.
  • No.1 Fumiko Oshikawa (ed.).
    Enduring States: Considering States in Light of Nations and Ethnic Groups. 2007-3.

【Journal in Area Studies】

 CIAS biannually publishes JCAS Review, a Japanese academic journal edited by the editorial committee under JCAS. It features articles that consider global issues from the perspective of area studies as well as papers curated through open submission and review.